Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2021-11-26

Happy day after US Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Even though many in the US have a few days off, we still have plenty of news to report. My post on ‘JavaScript for Automation’ from last week is generating a lot of great responses, Apple is suing NSO Group, people are figuring out the cause of some of the memory leaks in Monterey, and we get a refresh on the ‘Awesome MacAdmin Tools List.’

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  • Victor (groob): “macOS 12.1 brings EACS = all I ever wanted. Thanks to the Apple folks who listened to this request. EraseDevice now loops into AutoAdvanceSetup via MDM.”
  • Jeremy Reichman: “When the installer says, “about a second remaining” for a minute or more, is it safe to assume it finished “first remaining” already and then went on to longer and more involved “second remaining,” perhaps with an option for more remainings, should additional ones seem necessary?”

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