Update: quickpkg 1.0beta

QuickPkg is one of those tools that I built for myself a long time ago and has remained useful (at least to me) without many updates.

Since Apple will be removing the pre-installed Python 2 binary from macOS 12.3, I was forced to pull the code out, dust it off and update it to Python 3. I chose to use the MacAdmins “Managed Python” since it provides a nice bundle of libraries which should be useful for some other tools I have (and still need to migrate). It should (probably) work with other Python 3 distributions, as well, but I did not test this at all.

Thankfully, quickpkg did not require very many code changes. I could even remove all the code from Greg Neagle’s FoundationPlist. Python 2 plistlib could not read binary plist files, so that extra functionality was required. But Python 3 plistlib can read and write binary plists and I could save a lot of code.

The script has worked with all of my tests, but I probably have not explored all the weird edge cases yet. So I am releasing it as a beta. Please file issues and/or pull requests on the GitHub repo if you run into any problems.

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