Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2022-12-16

The holidays are near, the year is approaching its end. But for MacAdmins, this remained a busy week. The first update for macOS Ventura was released alongside iOS and iPadOS 16.2 many other updates.

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This is the first macOS update after the “special measures” to avoid a bug in the macOS software update system present in 12.3 though 12.6 that would consider upgrades to 13.x as updates with regard to managed deferrals. Now, Monterey client in that version range will present 13.1 to the end user, even if major updates are managed to be deferred. Apple has updated the support article on this.

The new updates bring some new features, as well. The new Freeform app seems like a nice tool. I have actually used Keynote for similar tasks, but I think Freeform is a bit, well, free-er and creative. We also got the new Advanced Data Security for iCloud, network locations make a return to macOS Ventura, and “Apple Music Sing”…

This is the last news summary for the year 2022. Many thanks to all of you readers!

Happy Holidays and all the best for the new year 2023!

The news summary will return on 13 January 2023. See you then!

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  • @mikeymikey@hachyderm.io: “JUST A REMINDER: 13.1 is the first Ventura update past the 30 day hold for OTA major upgrades for MDM managed macOS devices. If you have devices on 12.3-12.6 still and you DO NOT have a minor deferral in addition to a major deferral – on these buggy versions of macOS (12.6.1+ fixes the bug), 13.1 OTA will be seen as a -minor- update, not major and as such will NOT be deferred by only having a major deferral in place.” (Thread)
  • @scriptingosx@mastodon.social: “Apple’s new Freeform app seems nice. I can see myself using this. However, there are no Shortcuts actions and no AppleScript dictionary. (I know… what was I expecting…) I can think of several workflows where Freeform would fit in wonderfully. Now imagine you could add buttons with shortcuts or Apple scripts in Freeform!”

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