Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2023-01-13

Happy New Year 2023!

Back after the winter holiday break and things are already going strong!

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7 Ways Threat Actors Deliver macOS Malware in the Enterprise

Learn how to build more resilient defenses by understanding the vectors threat actors use for initial compromise on macOS endpoints.

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Many of you seem to have taken the time to post a lot of interesting articles and tools. Many interesting posts and releases. Thanks to everyone!

MacDevOpsYVR 2023 is announced for June 21-22, 2023 in Vancouver, Canada! (Speaker Application form at bottom of that page)

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  • Andrew MacKenzie on Twitter: “Installomator is my new benchmarking tool. for everything in $(Installomator.sh) ; do Installomator.sh $everything ; done Also my new speedtest.”
  • Adam Tomczynski on LinkedIn: “To help you learn and prepare for the Apple Device Support exam, I created flashcards with the documentation provided by Apple.”

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