Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2023-02-10

Even though Apple still hasn’t released a beta for macOS 13.3 and iOS 16.4, there are several updates for tools from the MacAdmins community, be sure to check out that section.

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The MacAdmins Foundation has announced that they can now provide Apple Developer ID signing identities to MacAdmin open source projects.

Open source projects for the Mac usually have the choice between not signing their software releases, or signing them with a personal or organizational Apple Developer ID, which cost a yearly subscription and, in the case of the personal ID, literally puts the name of the main lead in the signature.

The MacAdmins Foundation certificates now provide another option, that will be very attractive for some projects. Nudge is the first tool that has been released with a MacAdmins Foundation signature.

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  • Kristian Harstad: “You don’t need a photo background removal app if you run MacOS. Right-click a photo in Finder, click Quick Actions, choose Remove Background. Your Mac does the rest perfectly, and produces a background-removed copy of your photo with “Background Removed” suffixed to the filename.”

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