Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2023-03-10

Apple announced a new yellow iPhone color this week, which invokes spring thoughts, but here in the Netherlands we have had the most wintry weather this season. I hope spring comes quickly after this last effort of winter.

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Hunting for Honkbox: Multistage macOS Cryptominer May Still Be Hiding

Learn how Honkbox hides on macOS and evades detection. This post contains details of a previously undocumented variant, along with further IOCs and behaviors for threat hunters and SOC teams.

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Spring will also bring the “Spring updates” of macOS and iOS and we did get another round of betas this week. These updates which are about half way between Apple’s major platform updates often come with significant changes, especially for admins. From what we can tell from the betas, the changes this year seem be on the “less impactful” side. A welcome respite for MacAdmins.

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