Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2023-03-17

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The Complete Guide to Understanding Apple Mac Security for Enterprise

Everything you need to know to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the security controls built into Apple Macs and the macOS platform.

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Jason Snell has put out the call for the next incarnation of the “Six Colors Apple in the Enterprise Report Card.” If you are interested you can read last year’s report here. The questionnaire is open to all MacAdmins but you need to fill it out before March 22nd deadline.

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  • William Smith on Mastodon: “Happy to announce the Jamf Training Catalog introduced in 2018 and only available to customers is NOW available to anyone with a free Jamf Account. No customer requirement going forward.”
  • Mike Lynn on Mastodon: “[…] avoid attempting to manage the end user experience as much as possible – or allowing your organization to dictate to you, as the subject matter expert, that settings of this nature MUST be enforced to a specific value. No two people agree on a sane default experience. Managing for security? Yes, great. Managing look and feel? Please do not

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