Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2023-06-02

This is the Friday before WWDC. Next week we will know more about Apple’s plans for the upcoming platforms, and whether the virtual headset is real or continues to be vaporware. Will there be new Macs? Finally a Apple Silicon Mac Pro!?

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Next week Friday we will also have seen the “What’s new for Enterprise” session that is probably hiding behind all those (admittedly quite funny) made up session names in the WWDC Slack for now. This will be the really interesting session for us Apple admins.

But the most interesting things released next week will be the beta of all the platforms. Check your AppleSeed for IT logins. Warm up your internet lines for the gigabytes of downloads. Get Apple Configurator ready in case you need to downgrade devices. Backup important data on the devices you want use for testing. Get the Developer app on your devices updated, so you can watch the videos.

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I will be presenting at the JamfNation Live events in Wiesbaden and Amsterdam. (Be sure to checkout the events in London and Paris, as well. You can still register.) Attendees to the German event will have the honor of listening to me presenting in German for the first time in nearly two decades. The language for the Amsterdam event will be English, in case you were wondering if it might be worth crossing a border to go there.

We took the opportunity to do our Benelux MacAdmins Meetup the evening before the Amsterdam JNL event (June 19). The event is free but requires registration as the seats are limited and filling up quickly. I will be taking part in a panel discussion on Patch Management. Dean Hager (Jamf CEO) will be the special guest.

Later this year, I will also be presenting at MacSysAdmin in Göteborg, Sweden. The program isn’t published yet, but you can already register!

When you run across me at any of these events, feel free to say hi! I will have some Scripting OS X stickers for those who know to ask…

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