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Earlier this year, I released a beta version of desktoppr 0.5 which added an option to control the tool using a configuration profile. You can read all the details of how I built out this workflow in this blog post.

I have not received any feedback on it, which can mean two things: either it is working just fine or people simply aren’t aware of the beta. I guess both could be true at the same time here?

The new release is now available in the desktoppr repo. Nothing has changed compared to the 0.5beta except the version number and updated documentation.

Using desktoppr manage

The new manage verb allows a Mac Admin to set the wallpaper using data in a configuration profile. Together with the new option to download an image file for the wallpaper from an URL, this removes the requirement of updating two or more packages when you want to update the wallpaper on managed devices.

To use the new manage option, you need three pieces

desktoppr LaunchAgent

The LaunchAgent plist file controls when desktoppr will run.

The sample LaunchAgent file has both the RunAtLoad key and a StartInterval key. This means that desktoppr will run when the LaunchAgent loads and repeatedly after the time set in the StartInterval (in seconds, the sample file has 10800, so every three hours, as long as the system is awake).

The desktoppr profile provides a setOnlyOnce key which stops desktoppr from re-setting the same wallpaper over and over again. This way we can run desktoppr frequently, but it will only reset the wallpaper when the picture key in the profile has changed.

Build a pkg to install the LaunchAgent with your preferred frequency (or none) in /Library/LaunchAgents and deploy that together with the desktoppr pkg.

Configuration Profile

Since macOS Ventura, managed binaries and scripts launched by a LaunchAgent or Daemon should be pre-approved with a configuration profile from the management system, so that the user gets less dialogs about them and cannot disable them. Since desktoppr is a signed binary, this is quite straightforward and the sample configuration profile already contains the section.

The second payload in the sample profile contains the settings. The only one that is required is the picture key which contains either a path to a local image file for the wallpaper, or a URL to an image file. Using a hosted file allows you to provide a custom branded wallpaper and change it without needing to deploy files to the client using more custom pkgs.

When you are not using a local file, you can (and probably should) provide a sha256 key with a checksum of the image file. This should protect from attempt to inject something malicious by hi-jacking the download URL. You can generate a sha256 sum for the image file with shasum -a 256 <path/to/file>.

The setOnlyOnce key controls whether desktoppr manage will re-set the wallpaper every time it runs (when setOnlyOnce is false) or only when the picture key in the profile changed (when setOnlyOnce is true). Configuring setOnlyOnce to true allows a user to change the wallpaper and it will not be overridden until you change the configuration profile. Then the user can change it again. This seemed like a useful compromise between management and user choice to me.

The scale and color keys work just like the options of the command line tool. Note that setting the color option is broken in macOS 14 as of this writing.

You can of course use different combinations of LaunchAgent configuration and other triggers for desktoppr, such as a self service portal to get all kinds of different workflows and levels of ‘lockdown.’ Remember that Apple provides a config profile setting to fully set and lock the wallpaper.


I have found this new managed desktoppr option useful in my deployments. I hope you do, too. Let me know!

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