Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2019-12-13

Christmas for Mac users came early this year. At least for those Mac users who can afford a new Mac Pro. Whether you think the price is justified or not, whether you would like an Apple tower Mac or think desktops are so last decade, the Mac Pro (and the new MacBook Pro 16“) symbolizes a new desire from Apple to re-focus on the ”Pro” users. It remains to be seen if Apple’s vision of what Pro users need and want matches the reality.

Those who don’t get a shiny new Mac Pro, still got updates this week. macOS Catalina 10.15.2, iOS 13.3 and its various sibling updates dropped this week as well.

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Moving to zsh – Book reviews

Do you know that you can gift Apple Books? If you are looking for last minute gift ideas for that Terminal using friend, family member, or co-worker of yours, give them some know-how and increased productivity: “Moving to zsh”

macOS Catalina 10.15.2 and iOS 13.3 updates

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  • Rich Trouton: “The book I wrote with @cedge318 has been available for pre-order, but it looks like we’re getting close to a release date of January 3, 2020! For folks with a shiny new Amazon gift card this Christmas, why not treat yourself to the gift of knowledge?” Amazon US, UK, DE (Affiliate Links)
  • Victor (groob): “Maybe next time @Apple will consider shipping a few review models to enterprise customers who need to make sure these are ready for users. Priorities…”
  • Pepijn Bruienne: “It’s official! iOS and iPadOS 13.3 now support FIDO2/Webauthn for NFC, USB and Lightning-based security keys for everyone. Get a key, start enabling FIDO2 with services that support it and ask those who don’t what their timeline for adoption is.”
  • Graham Pugh: “Fun fact: Apple even renewed the certificate in the Java for OSX 2017–001 installer. And there is still software out there that needs it…”

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