Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2021–05–14

No new updates this week. Nevertheless, MacAdmins seem to be taking the time to catch up and get some work done, as we got many interesting posts this week. We also got beta3 for 11.4.

MacDeployment is scheduled for June 1–2 and you can register to attend for free! I will be doing “An Online Presentation on Presenting Online.” I have also updated my conference overview page.

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Kandji has commissioned Jason Snell of Six Colors to create an Enterprise Report Card for Apple. This is a chance for Mac Admins to give feedback on how they see Apple.

The deadline to add your score and comments is today May 14, 2021. The results will be compiled to run in early June before WWDC. The contact information is for the survey only and you can choose to remain anonymous.

This is a great chance for MacAdmins to provide some feedback!

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  • Rich Trouton: “I learned something usefule about macOS login keychain behavior today: When you’re logged in and open Terminal, your login keychain unlocks for that Terminal session. When you’re connecting to your Mac via SSH and provide your password, your login keychain unlocks for that SSH session. When you’re connecting to your Mac via SSH and are using passwordless login, your login keychain does not unlock for that SSH session. Makes sense, right? No password, no automatic unlock. Still caught me off guard when something I was expecting to work did not work.”
  • Brent Simmons: “Right now is actually a pretty great time for Mac apps. Old faves like BBEdit, NetNewsWire, Acorn, OmniOutliner, and many others are still around — and there are amazing newcomers like Sketch and Nova and plenty of others. The best may be yet to come. :)”
  • Marco Arment: “Instead, what we keep hearing from Apple is ‘You owe us for your entire business, you should be thankful for everything we’ve done for you, we don’t need you, we’re doing you a favor by allowing you, and your apps add absolutely no value to our highly profitable hardware.’” (Thread)
  • Tim Perfitt: “M1 Mac mini arrived! I shall use this thread for my findings.” (Thread)

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