Scripting OS X — Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2021-06-11

WWDC week! We got to see new iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and most importantly: the new macOS 12 Monterey.

What a week (or two). In addition to WWDC, there were and are MacDeployment last week and MacDevOps YVR this week. It is a good thing that all the sessions (including WWDC) will be made available online, because I have a lot of catching up and re-watching to do. You can find links to all the conferences and their session archives on my conferences page.

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Focus on Security
Among all the new features announced by Apple this week with macOS Monterey are a number of topics directly related to security. Let’s take a look at 12 things to know from WWDC!

The first MacAdmin reactions for macOS Monterey are (cautiously) positive. Apple introduced several new features, like an “Erase all Content and Data” option, better management features for software updates, remote lock, and better extension management, which MacAdmins had been clamoring for. We also got a preview of some technologies like declarative management. It all looks very promising and I hope the features will hold up to practical use.

AppleSeed for IT is making the beta available, along with some extra documentation for admins. You can sign up with the managed Apple ID you use to sign into Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager. The earlier you get your feedback in to Apple, the higher the chance that it can be addressed before release.

MacSysAdmin conference will be online again this year. While it is sad that we will not be able to meet in Gothenburg this year, this was my favorite virtual conference to watch and present at last year. Like WWDC, MacSysAdmin will be releasing pre-recorded presentations every day from October 5 through 8. There will be T-shirt sale to help fund the conference.

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