WWDC 2021 – What to watch for MacAdmins

So, WWDC started yesterday and Apple will release more than 200 sessions over the next week. Of course, most of these sessions are focussed on developers building apps for the Apple platforms. As a Mac and iOS admin, which sessions are interesting?

Of course, we won’t know which sessions are good until we can watch them. But here is the list of sessions that I expect to be interesting. I will update this post all week. Let me know if you find something interesting that I missed.

Apple releases the sessions every day of the WWC week at 9am PDT/17:00CEST. I will add the day of the week after the session title. You can watch the sessions in the Developer app on your Apple device and on Apple’s developer web page.

Keep in mind that while the excitement is huge around WWDC time, you do not have to watch all the sessions this week. The sessions will remain available and you can take your time to catch up.

Keynote and Platform State of the Union

The keynote is of course press- and end-user facing and very marketing driven. Still worth watching it (if you haven’t already) for the highlights. The ‘Platform State of the Union’ is the ‘real’ developer-focussed keynote. It is interesting to watch to understand where Apple thinks the focus is going to be. This year the highlights are the new Xcode Cloud, new Swift features, Object Capture and many new frameworks.

Device Management

There is actually a dedicated category for “Device Management” in the Developer app. Some of these sound very promising:

Swift and SwiftUI

I believe Swift will be more and more important for MacAdmins to build tools.

Security and Privacy

Other Sessions

Some of the other sessions will ahve relevance for MacAdmins (and users) as well. Often these sessions will have segments with a general overview of a feature, followed by details on how to implement it in code.

AppleSeed for IT

When you can use your managed Apple ID from Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager to log in to AppleSeed for IT. There you can download the beta systems to start testing now. AppleSeed for IT also contains more detailed release notes, which you find as a PDF under the downloads category.

Keep in mind that while you can discuss information released in the WWDC sessions in public, information that is exclusive to AppleSeed for IT and the other seed and beta programs is subject to the NDA, and should not be discussed in public forums.

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