Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2021-06-04

‘Twas the week-end before WWDC…

We did get updates to the apps formerly known as iWork and the second macOS 11.5 beta with some interesting notes in the AppleSeed for IT docs.

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Security Research

20 Common Tools & Techniques Used by macOS Threat Actors & Malware. We’ve included real in-the-wild examples and information about IoCs, hashes, and researcher analyses.

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MacDeployment, hosted by the University of Calgary, was this week. Many thanks to the organizers, speakers, and audience. It was a fun event and a great one to kick-off the virtual conference season. They have already posted links to the three session blocks as videos on their sessions page.

Next we had the first Campfire session hosted by PSU MacAdmins. These will continue every Thursday in June and July.

Next week Monday, Apple starts off WWDC with the Keynote and State of the Union. Then they will release additional sessions over the rest of the week. You can watch with the Apple Developer app.

And then, last but not least, we will have MacDevOps YVR on June 9–11. You can still register for that.

You can also find all the info and links for the various conferences on my conference page, which is continually updated.

This will be a busy week!

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  • Rich Trouton: “Generating remote lock or wipe commands and need a random six digit number? Run this command: ((RND=RANDOM<<15|RANDOM)) ; echo ${RND: -6}
  • Nathaniel Strauss: “macOS 11.5 beta 2 (re)introduces a couple very sought after features. Go read the release notes. Feeling a lot better about deploying M1 Macs to students in the fall. Thanks MacAdmin community for coming together to file feedback.”
  • David Smith: “Helpful Mac debugging tip You can enable super detailed UserDefaults logging with: sudo log config --subsystem=com.apple.defaults --mode "level:debug, persist:debug" (And disable again with sudo log config --subsystem=com.apple.defaults --reset)”

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