Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2021-09-24

iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8 and the other related updates were published this week. On top of that the first iPhones 13 and new iPad mini are arriving today. I only linked to two reviews – you will know where to get opinions from your favorite bloggers and streamers.

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uberAgent: application performance monitoring

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uberAgent is an innovative user experience monitoring product for macOS and Windows. uberAgent’s highlights include detailed information about application performance, network reliability drill-downs, application usage metering, browser performance, and web app metrics. Try for yourself and get your free 100 user community license at uberagent.com.

We also got more security updates for iOS 12 and Catalina. And a new macOS 12 Monterey beta, as well as the first round of iOS 15.1 betas.

Last week’s newsletter dropped just a bit before the good news of the 11.6 full installer being available. Keep providing that feedback!

We have two major MacAdmin conferences coming up, both are online.

First is MacSysAdmin Online which will release sessions starting October 5 through October 8. You can still order a T-shirt to support the conference. The amazing speaker list is online. I will be presenting a session on Swift.

Later is Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) which is (again) entirely online and entirely free. You can still register and already look at the session list. I will be presenting a session on Installomator and participate in a panel on patch management.

There is always my overview of the most important upcoming conferences.

Also, in personal news: I am now working at Jamf. But this should not affect this news summary at all.

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  • Patrick Fergus: “Hey Everyone, Adobe Admin Console packages that include Acrobat should no longer fail when Safari is open.”
  • Eric Boyd: “Hi there @Apple device owners! We are mere hours away from the next major OS release for iPhones, iPads, Apple TV’s and iPods. So, what can you do to ensure the best experience with your upgrades? I have a few best practices that I follow and recommend for almost everyone.” (Thread)
  • Rich Trouton: “Every so often, I have a packaging task that I’m not sure AutoPkg can handle. I keep being wrong about that because AutoPkg just needs me to write the right recipe.”

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