MDOYVR 22 Talk: The Encyclopedia of macOS Automation

Last week I had the pleasure and honor of participating and presenting at MacDevOps YVR. The videos for the sessions are now appearing on YouTube.

There is a page for my talk “The Encyclopedia of macOS Automation,” in which I discuss the options for scripting and automation on macOS, with extra links and notes. You can go directly to the video here.

The talks this year were graphic recorded by the amazing Ashton Rodenhiser (website, twitter). The graphic at the top of this post was made by her while I was presenting.

As always, I had a lot of fun at this conference. Many thanks to the organizers and all the other speakers. Until next year!

2022 Conference Season Speaking Schedule

With WWDC starting very soon, the MacAdmin conference season ramping up. I keep track of all the major MacAdmin conferences on my conferences page but I thought a summary of where I am going to present might be interesting:

MacDevOps YVR, June 15–17, Online

Yes, it is very disappointing that the uncertainties of the pandemic still make in-person conferences impractical. That said, I really enjoy the online format of MacDevOps YVR. Presentations are held on YouTube with Q&A and “Hallway Track” interactions on Discord. This year, most of the presentations, including my talk on ‘The Encyclopaedia of macOS Automation” will be restricted to 15 minute quick talks, which is an interesting challenge. Registration is still open!

Jamf Nation Live, Munich, Germany, June 23

Not a conference, but close. I will be presenting at the Jamf Nation Live event at the Allianz Arena near Munich on June 24. You will get the privilege of seeing me try to present in German for the first time in 17 years. Registration is still open. There are other Jamf Nation Live events in London (June 10), Amsterdam (June 16), and Paris (June 21).

Jamf Nation User Conference, San Diego, USA, September 27–29

Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) is going to be a hybrid event this year. You can choose to attend in person in San Diego, CA or online. Several sessions will be online only but some will be on stage. I am proud that my session on “Use Swift with the Jamf API” has been accepted to be presented on stage. Registration for both in person and online is still open.

MacSysAdmin, Göteborg, Sweden, October 4–7

In its 17th year, MacSysAdmin is going virtual again. Details are still forthcoming, but I will be providing a presentation.

So this is where you can see me present this year. Now I really should go work on those slides…

MacSysAdmin Online 2021 is live!

The first set of sessions for the MacSysAdmin Online sessions are… well… online!

There is an introduction video from Patrik Jerneheim, a session on Time Machine by Howard Oakley, Rich Trouton demonstrates AutoPkg in the cloud and Charles Edge celebrates Scandinavian contributions to computing. Oh, and I talk about building tools with Swift and SwiftUI.

You can find the links to all the videos from today on the MacSysAdmin website. More sessions will be published every day this week at 09:30 CEST (UTC+2).

You can find the links and resources for my Swift session here.

You can still support MacSysAdmin Online by purchasing a T-Shirt. The store will remain open until Friday.

Many thanks to Patrik Jerneheim and the team for putting this on. Also to all the presenters for building these sessions.

MacDeployment and MacDevOps YVR Presentations

I am a bit behind: the videos for both presentations I did in the last weeks at MacDeployment and MacDevOps YVR are now available. I made pages for each presentation with links to the slides, videos, and all the links I mentioned:

I had a really good time presenting and participating at both conferences. Even though they were remote, it was good to see everyone—again and for the first time.

There are more conferences coming up this year and I will be presenting more. You can see the list of MacAdmin conferences on the continually updated conference page.

(Illustration by Ashton Rodenhiser (Twitter, Web))