Suspicious Package 4.0 Update

I recently posted about some Suspicious Package Power User Features, which was a follow-up to my MacDevOps YVR presentation “The Encyclopedia of Packages.”

As a follow-up to that follow-up, Suspicious Package was updated to version 4.0 today. (Yesterday? Time zones are strange.) The update to brings compatibility with macOS Monterey and some really nice refinements to these power user features.

First and foremost, Suspicious Package will now show the kind of package, or “package format” in the Package Info tab. This makes me very happy, not just because the FAQ references my presentation. As the FAQ correctly states, most users of packages or even the Suspicious Package application will not care much about the differences between the package formats, but for system administrators, this can determine the difference between a functional deployment or a broken workflow.

The previously ‘secret’ option to show the PackageInfo xml file is now also exposed in the preferences window, next to the option to show the Distribution XML.

It is now also easier to search for the contents of a particular component in a distribution package.

You can download the latest version of Suspicious Package and get the update notes here.

Many thanks to Randy Saldinger of Mothers Ruin Software for providing this amazing tool and further refining it!

Randy was also recently a guest on the MacAdmins Podcast. You check it out if you have not yet listened to that episode.

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